If you have no wound, you have no medicine. All healers must be wounded because that is where the medicine is: at the heart of the pain. Ye who are happy-go-lucky: perhaps you hold the space of future humanity, but you cannot reach the humanity of the present: The beautiful, sorrowful brokenness of whole-humanness. The wild and wonderful jungles of fear and wilderness that calls forth what has never existed before. The haunting, melodic melancholy of dark-side love stories and blazing light that left singe marks on the streets, and the rose petals we use to remember love. Alison Nappi (via venuschild)
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I’m like relationship horny

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Ever just had a conversation and the person you are talking to randomly starts ignoring you mid sentence? Or happily starts talking to someone else.

Yeah them type of people need a slap in the face with a brick! Ignorant dicks.

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